Vision & Mission

Our Vision:-

  • Our vision is to be a key global LIFE SCIENCES company working to develop and ensure availability and accessibility of safe and effective new preventive and curative medicines for diseases disproportionately affecting people in resource-limited settings and food /beauty and personal care products for external and internal well being.
  • Life Sciences products i.e. Pharma/Ayurvedic/herbal/cosmetics/Food/Beauty & personal care products’ users/consumers are omnipresent but unfortunately not omnipotent. Feeling the urgent need, In SPARKLE LIFE SCIENCES PVT LTD (SLSPL), after hectic researches, we have evolved a panacea to make the consumer omnipotent having a conscience of Life Sciences Consumerism. The panacea is nothing but the nipping the users/consumers at bud level. The concept behind this is to insert the know-how of becoming a mature consumer in the childhood stage, so that in future there will not be need to beware of but they will be fully aware of the day to day Life Sciences Consumerism activity.
  • SPARKLE LIFE SCIENCES PVT LTD (SLSPL) believes that absolute customer satisfaction and life sciences awareness are the key to achieve aim i.e. Growing Body with Wisdom. Our action is driven by these core values: QUALITY, USER SATISFACTION, COST EFFECTIVENESS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Our Mission:-

  • SPARKLE LIFE SCIENCES PVT.LTD. is one of the largest life sciences companies in India providing a host of unparalleled services & quality drugs for Patients. We offer great personalized services to ensure excellence. Our comprehensive services are executed with maximum efficiency taking into account every minute detail.
  • SPARKLE strongly believes in and follows the concept of "change for the better", refers to philosophy of continuous improvement of processes which will provide maximum satisfaction to our Prescriber/patient/associates/employee and keep us flexible in dynamic environment to serve them better.
  • We endeavor to continue to be a world-class player in the Pharma Industry, through our commitment to quality, cost effectiveness, personalized service, professionalism and innovation
  • We work with partners around the globe to identify potential new medicines for diseases affecting vulnerable populations, assess the safety and effectiveness of investigational medicines, and honor international ethical standards for research.
  • ALSO increasing focus on ethics, innovative research, unmatched quality, and service through affordable and accessible healthcare.
  • We strive to stand as a catalyst in the life sciences field, in both domestic and international market by fostering higher standard of health with growing body with wisdom.